Rick vaart deze zomer in zijn Greenland kajak ‘Sustainable Solo’ een traditionele kanotocht langs de hele Zweedse kust. Vanaf de grens van Noorwegen, waar de Sustainable Dream vorig jaar eindigde, tot Happaranda aan de grens van Finland.

Rick is natuurliefhebber en kajakavonturier. Opgegroeid in het  Vechtgebied, woont nu in het Noorden van het land. Naast zijn werk voor de Waddenzee bij Rijkswaterstaat, ontwikkelt hij Natuurapps vanuit Nature2U. Sinds zijn avontuur met de Sustainable Dream, volgt hij zijn dromen…

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  1. Dear Rick

    I was looking for your address to see if you were in Nederland this summer and found your new expedition here. What a great idea around the Swedish coastline! Me and my friend was talking about that trip in December and thought of making it next year.
    What a great trip!!!
    Is Christa still in Nederland?

    Today I am trying a trip with my son to Valö just south from Brännö. I am still speaking about your adventure from
    Derente last year with all my friends! It was a great pleasure meeting up with you, which I would love to do again. Though, I hoped to make a trip to Nederland this summer with my family and try a kayaking hike from

    Have a great trip to Haparanda! Northern Sweden is lovely! Tell if you need contacts in Stockholm, Arbro, Örnsköldsvik, and Pello :).

    Have a great trip, Rick!

    I’m following you the coast around Sweden!

    Maria (Sweden – Dynholmen by tent)

    1. Hi Maria, great hearing of you again. Christa is in the Netherlands working… and iam doing the trip solo. She picks me up at the end, in haparanda. Christa will send you a mail to contact about your plan of comming to the Netherlands. By by

  2. Hi Rick!
    Nice to meet you & Christa in Mellanfjärdet. I hope your trio is going well.
    We are now North of Umeå in Sikeå. 65km north of Umeå.
    We will stay about a week. Maybe you are passing by soon and would like to visit Sikeå? Let us know 🙂

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