Dutch Coast & Wadden

Spring 2021, Rick has paddled a trip along the Dutch Coast and the Wadden Sea. With this trip he has asked attention for the special wild nature of the Dutch Coast and the need to preserve it. On tour, he has visited several interesting nature preservation-projects and talked with some involved. In his blog Rick has reported on these projects and discussions.

Dutch Coast’s wild nature – beautiful and well worthy of protection

Rick has done a solo-trip in his kayak along the Dutch coastline. He started at the Belgian border, in the natural estuary and nature reserve ‘t Zwin. His tour has taken Rick along the Dutch Waterworks of Zeeland’s isles, sandy beaches on the Dutch West coast, towards the impressive world heritage area Wadden Sea. Rick finished his tour in the Dollard, at the German border and the small town of Nieuwe Statenzijl.

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